Faros, Fyr & Terrace

Faros, Fyr & Terrace is a restaurant complex, together with an additional floating restaurant and bar housed on the RS Faros, both designed by Bäckman & Dunseath. Located in Vaasa, Finland the complex is part of the revitalisation of the seaside promenade.

The design features two highly insulated prefabricated timber modules that house the service functions and customer facilities. These modules are arranged in an L-shape, framing the terrace, creating a vibrant yet intimate space and providing a stunning sea view. The terrace itself is divided into two triangles, with one section protected from the weather and the other open to the elements, allowing customers to enjoy the long Nordic summers. The terrace’s angled glass wall maximizes the spring solar gain, adding to the overall energy efficiency of the building.

The project has been very well received by the public and featured in social media posts frequently. After finishing the building, the restaurateur Faros also received the award for “best business of the region” the same year.


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