1. Controller
Arkkitehtitoimisto Bäckman & Dunseath Oy, Business ID: 3101490-7

2. Keeper of the register
Johan Bäckman, johan@ark-bd.com. 0407731446

3. Name of register
Arkkitehtitoimisto Bäckman & Dunseath Oy

4. Purpose of processing personal data
The purpose of the register is to uphold a contact list. The process of the list is to maintain client relations with Arkkitehtitoimisto Bäckman & Dunseath Oy

5. Personal data processed
The register may maintain the following information about clients:

Mobile phone number

6. The registers legal source of information
The register is made up of the information provided by the client themselves.

7. Transfer of personal data to third countries or international organisations and guarantees of protection used.
The holder of the register will not transfer personal information to third-parties, in the exemption of Finnish governmental order.

8. The removal of information
Information can be removed on the client’s request or termination of their relationship with Arkkitehtitoimisto Bäckman & Dunseath Oy

9. The principles of protection of the register
The holder of the register and its information is protected by standard technical methods.The register is only accessible by employees and can only be maintained through user signage and password. The registers localisation and services are located in Finland and always uphold and maintain appropriate legal procedure.

10. The subjects data rights
The client always has a right to deny the ceding of information and the usage of direct advertisement and for other marketing purposes.

11. The registered’s information examination
The registered have the right to examine the registered content about themselves and to maintain a copy of said information. The request should be made in writing and provided to the person in charge.

12. The changing of information
The registrar edits, removed and completes information in the register as faulty, unnecessary, wrong or outdated. The registrar should be in contact with the upholder of the register about possible faulty information and it’s completion.