Nordic Homes Collection


A single storey 3-bedroom detached home. A contemporary house with a Nordic twist

Where each morning unfolds with the warmth of the southeasterly sun. This contemporary home combines our dedication to energy-conscious construction with inspiring elements, all at an affordable price. With a focus on functionality and a floor plan crafted to suit your individual lifestyle, Daybreak House embodies the essence of modern British architecture with a subtle Nordic twist giving you a home that embraces the day with open arms.


An energy-efficient 4-bedroom detached home blending Nordic and Scandinavian design principles with a UK aesthetic.

Drawing from Finland’s mature house-building market, this innovative house incorporates modern timber frame construction advancements. The floor plan reflects the functionality of Scandinavian design, while tailored to UK sensibilities. Energy use takes centre stage, with tried and proven techniques and materials from Finland that reduce energy consumption without compromising style. The Afternoon House benefits from our UK and Finnish expertise, integrating advanced insulation and efficient heating and cooling systems. This fusion of influences promotes a healthy and inviting home atmosphere.